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TERRA-S Refill Bottles

You have used your repair kit and need a new bottle?


Or has the bottle in your kit expired?


It is important to have a good sealant quality to ensure the best performance.

Squeeze Bottles

The sealant is simply filled into the tyre by manually squeezing the bottle after you have unscrewed the valve core. The 450 ml bottle is sufficient for all small to medium-sized vehicles.

If you have a larger car or a SUV, then you are best served with the 700 ml bottle.

1052810 – 450 ml
1099000 – 700 ml

Pressure Resistant Bottles

The pressure-resistant refills are connected directly to the tyre valve, WITHOUT having to unscrew the valve core. They can be used in conjunction with any compressor, as the connection is exactly the same as on the car valve.

Simply connect the bottle to the tyre and the compressor to the bottle and the puncture is sealed in a few minutes.

1052880 – 300 ml

1052890 – 450 ml

1020025 – 450 ml 1-2-Go

1052900 – 600 ml

When you buy TERRA-S, you buy German quality:

Each bottle produced in our German factories is guaranted to be OEM-quality and therefore has passed the following tests, among others:


Heat +80° / cold -30°.


Pressure Test


Load Test


Continuous check (for filling system)


Functional test

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