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Tyre Repair Kits

The Mobil Kit is ideal for small and medium-sized vehicles.

Small and compact, it fits even in the smallest boot without taking up much space. Mobil Kit allows you to repair a flat tyre quickly and in a clean way, without the efforts of having to remove your wheel.

Simply squeeze the 450 ml sealant into the tyre and inflate with the 12V Mini Compressor. Punctures of up to 6 mm are quickly sealed, allowing you to continue your journey (at max. 80 km/h). You only need 12 minutes and don’t have to wait for the towing service or change the wheel yourself. The OEM quality sealant is TPMS safe and has a shelf life of 4 years. You can also use the compressor in your spare time to inflate air mattresses, balls, etc. (the adapters are included). Likewise, if you only need to refill some air, you save yourself the trip to the gas station.

You can use the TERRA-S tyre sealant in the event of any damage caused by puncturing objects such as screws or nails with a maximum diameter of 6 mm in the tyre tread and shoulder.


No annoying wheel removal


More storage space in the boot


Always a compressor with you


Better sealing properties than conventional breakdown sprays


Fuel savings due to weight reduction of approx. 20 kg


Less expensive than a spare wheel


CO2 savings / environmental protection.


The Standard Kit allows you to perform the same tyre repair for larger tyres (included SUVs). The content of 700 ml is sufficient to cover the tyre tread surface and seal holes up to 6mm in diameter.

With the Standard Kit, you can effortlessly repair the most common punctures in minutes without having to remove the wheel.

Simply fill in the sealant into the tyre and inflate to the recommended pressure with the 12V Mini Compressor. The puncture can be repaired easily and quickly.

You can resume your journey and drive to the next workshop at a maximal speed of 80 km/h. You can use the TERRA-S tyre sealant in case of damage by puncturing objects, such as screws or nails of max. 6mm diameter in the tyre tread and tyre shoulder.

The 1-2-Go Kit is an effective first class system, offering you a semi-automatic solution.

 You don’t have to unscrew the valve core. Plug the kit into the power outlet, connect the bottle to the valve and the compressor to the bottle. The sealant is pushed by the air into the tyre, and after all the sealant has been used, the inflation continues until the recommended pressure is reached. You only need 5 minutes to be able to be back on the road again and drive to the next workshop (max. 80 km/h).

The powerful compressor with integrated pressure gauge also makes it possible to deflate the tyre in case too much air has been filled in.

The tyre pressure sensor remains undamaged and can be replaced after cleaning. The sealant has a shelf life of 4 years and is the ideal solution for a quick repair.

The TERRA-S sealants have been tested and approved according to specifications by leading automobile manufacturers in Germany and abroad.

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